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Thursday, September 21, 2017
6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

The annual event takes place at ShinnDig Ranch, home of George Shinn, located on Carter’s Creek Pike in Franklin, Tennessee; and includes a silent auction, buffet dinner al fresco, view of the George Shinn Classic Car collection, live music and an inspirational program!

Join us as we CELEBRATE THE LEGACY & FUTURE of Deer Run Camps & Retreats!

The road has been paved. The legacy has begun. Lives have been forever changed. We press on with your help.

On September 21st, we will continue to raise awareness of the legacy of Deer Run and to dream together of the potential and the road which is already before us. Come hear about Deer Run’s summer camps and ministry to families and our community . . . and be inspired.

View 2016 Harvest Moon Vision NIght photos.

“I will never forget the relationships I made this summer with campers and counselors. It was a big family I never knew I needed.

During … my first week as an overnight counselor, one of my girls broke down. She was crying so much she couldn’t even speak, so we sat on the steps of the Camp Store, holding hands.

I started praying “Lord, be present” over and over and eventually my camper opened up and told me all of the struggles she had been facing. We've gone through many of the same things and we were able to connect and share in our experiences.

Because of what I have gone through, I was able to identify with her and in those moments, I realized the magnitude of what it is we do at camp and why we do it. One moment that could have been missed made all the difference. I will never forget the feeling of peace and understanding I had in those moments.” — #mydeerrunstory by a 2016 summer staffer

Hebrews 12:1 (MSG) reminds us that pioneers have blazed the way for this moment and are cheering us on. That's why we are to run and never quit. 'Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we are in. Because He never lost sight of where he was headed.' And never should we.

Learn more about the INSPIRE campaign here.

For more information, to become an event sponsor or donate an item to the silent auction, contact Debbie Brooks at 615.550.4093 (o), 504.388.2131 (c) or email DebbieB@DeerRun.camp.