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Out of the Classroom Experiential Learning

Outdoor Education can be simply defined as experiential learning in and about the outdoors. There are many benefits for students getting out of the classroom and learning by “doing.”

Outdoor Education at Deer Run creates a positive, fun and active educational outdoor experience by promoting student growth through 5 pillars: Courage, Stewardship, Teamwork, Knowledge and Problem-Solving.

The Deer Run Camps & Retreats Outdoor Education program is taught and facilitated by highly trained Deer Run staff. 

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Student Benefits

1. Helps students achieve higher grades and standardized test scores in reading, writing and math. 

2. Promotes character growth by building self-esteem, teaching cooperation, practicing leadership and navigating conflict resolution. 

3. Provides an excellent opportunity for students to thrive outside the traditional classroom.

10 Treks — Areas of Learning

Archery • Climbing & Rappelling • Frontiersman Adventure • Know Your Ecosystem • Leave No Trace • Orienteering • Outdoor Adventure & Survival • Pioneering • Team Building • Wilderness First Aid

Customize the Program for Your Students

Your student outdoor education program can be customized to meet the needs and schedule of your students and school. CHOOSE FIVE TREKS FOR YOUR STUDENTS to participate in to create a truly unique learning experience. We offer a 3-day adventure for your students to fully experience the benefits of the program. 

Call 615.794.2918 or email our staff to customize the program for your students.