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About Family Camp at Deer Run

Jada Daves: You know I’ve been at camp since I was a very small child. To put mom and dad together, and all the kids, and to think, what do we do for the week was a little intriguing to me. Since that experience, my heart began burning like a fire that was just out of control.

David Gibson: Memories are the most valuable thing that you can create with them, and it’s so challenging today to find the right environment that really is conducive for that.

Liz Gibson: Just a great week to take yourself away from what’s going on in the world and really focus on your family relationships.

Speaker 4: One of my highlights was when we loaded up on the bus, singing camp songs with all of my new friends. It reminded me of all the stories my mom tells me of her doing the same thing when she was a child.

Speaker 5: I love sports, competition, and you get a ton here. You get that, and more.

David Gibson: So that’s what we’re trying to do here in Family Camp program, is to create a safe, positive environment where everything is put in place to create the perfect setting for a family vacation, if you will, but a vacation with a purpose.

Speaker 6: You get to have a once in a lifetime experience where you can really change how your relationships are.

Speaker 5: Most of all, being with my family, we just had a blast.

Speaker 7: And the stillness of nature, the isolation from the rest of the world, and the atmosphere, it’s just an experience like no other.

Jada Daves: I don’t know if I’m like you but distractions of technology, and work, and kids, it’s just so hard.

Liz Gibson: Once you get here, everything is planned. You do get rest time and relaxation time, and you can go offsite and do some things with your family.

David Gibson: All your time is very intentional and meaningful during your day and through the evening.

Jada Daves: And you begin to hear the hearts of your children. We can come alongside each other, we can rest, we can relax, we can have recreation, and we can leave renewed. We need to be taking time out for our children to play. Work will one day go away, but these memories will last a lifetime.

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