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2 Father-Son Testimonials About
Deer Run’s Father-Son Adventure Weekend

Dad 1: We do look forward to it. We’ve been here, I think six or seven years in a row. This is number seven for me and Owen, and my dad’s been coming for three years. So we’ve seen the place change a lot, lots of growth, and we look forward to it every year.

Dad 2 (Adam): I’m Adam.
Son 2 (Ty): And I’m Ty.
Dad 2 (Adam): And we’ve really had a great weekend so far. This is our fourth time we’ve come to Father-Son and it actually gets better each time. This feels like kind of a home retreat for he and I to get together, get away from the pets and the mom briefly and the school and everything we’re doing work-wise. It’s just a great time to come, just have some quiet time and some loud time and some running around time. We really have a great time.
Son 2 (Ty): Mm-hmm, and it’s just been really fun just hanging out with my dad and learning more about Jesus, just with him. It’s been really great.
Dad 2 (Adam): Awesome, it’s been awesome. Both of our faiths get strengthened every time we come here, and it kinda opens doors for us to talk about our faith with each other. It’s really been a very special and important time for us.

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