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Two Mother Daughter Testimonials
are Given about Deer Run’s
Mother-Daughter Getaway Weekend

Mother 1: We’ve been coming to Deer Run for three years now, and it’s just a great opportunity for us to get together for a weekend away from our normal busy schedules and come and enjoy some time outside in a wonderful beautiful location at Deer Run. It’s pretty close to home, and we get to do a lot of activities that we normally wouldn’t get to do like archery and [inaudible 00:00:19] you were just doing. What did you do earlier that you [crosstalk 00:00:23].
Daughter 1: We did the zip line. The rock wall is really fun.
Mother 1: I love the theme this year, be still and know that I am God. Just with the busyness of our lives, we don’t often take all the time that we need just to be still and know who he is and to draw closer to him. This is a great opportunity for us to do that.

Mother 2: I just noticed over the last couple of years that during the school year things get really hectic, and we don’t really connect. We kind of get at each other’s throats.
Daughter 2: Yeah.
Mother 2: I’ve been trying to be intentional about making time for us to connect. I realized that we needed to make a point of just really making the time to be together. I thought this would be a good opportunity to spend more time together and to connect more with each other and also with God.
Daughter 2: I’m glad that I have this opportunity to spend time with you and take a break from all the hectic school work and after-school activities, It means a lot for me to spend time with you.
Mother 2: Yeah. Me too.

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