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Check out this great video of our founder, David Gibson, talking about the annual Riders Rally at Deer Run.

[Video transcript] David Gibson: Hello, friends. My name is David Gibson. My wife Liz and I are the founders of Deer Run Camps and Retreats. We’re a non-denominational Christian camp and retreat center. And we provide summer camp experiences for children and youths from ages five years old all the way through high school.

One of the things that we’re excited about is being able to provide scholarship opportunities for kids who are in need. In fact, this summer, we’re going to be providing summer camps for 100 kids who have lost one or more of their parents in the line of duty. We’re partnering with an organization called “A Soldier’s Child” that works with these kids. We also work with a lot of other organizations, the National Rescue Mission, the Safe Haven Family Shelters who work with the kids from single-mom families or homeless families, and we’ll be bringing a number of those kids to camp this summer as well.

One of the ways that we raise funds to allow these kids to come to camp is through an annual motorcycle ride that we call the “Deer Run Riders Rally.” We’d love to invite you guys to join us this year. Our ride will be Saturday, October 8th. We’ll have check-in and a registration open at 7:00 am with breakfast. Kickstands will be up at 8:30. We’ll do about 100 miles of back roads. It’s all pavement. Beautiful scenery. And my wife and I will be your guides for the day. We’ll come back to Deer Run after the ride and have a great time of fellowship and lunch here at the camp. The ride is based on donations. We will be providing the meals. And we have sponsors that will be helping with that. And we just ask that you would pray about making a donation to help us bring more kids to camp.

Also, if you’re coming from a distance and would like to come in on Friday afternoon, we welcome that. In fact, we’ll do a dinner on Friday night for any riders that come from out of town. If you’ll just let us know you’re going to be here, we’ll provide dinner for you that night and have some fun in fellowship. If you’d like to camp with your tents, we have sites for that here at Deer Run. We may possibly have cabin accommodations available, but you would need to make reservations in advance. If not, we can give you some local hotel information where you can stay within 20 minutes of the camp.

So we hope you can join us. If you have any questions, feel free to call me personally. My cell number is 615-566-0026. Or you can call our office at Deer Run at 615-794-2918. We hope you guys will come and join us for the ride. It’s going to be a great day.

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