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Here’s a great video of one of our veteran summer campers talking about their experience at Deer Run Camps & Retreats.

Just in case the video has difficulty loading, we have provided the transcript for your convenience.

Bailey McCarl: I’ve been a camper here since I was 10 and ever since then every year I’ve come people have poured into me, telling me all about Christ and how much he loves me, and it really made a huge impact on my life. Growing spiritually and more as a person. After having so many people pour into me I wanted to be able to pour into other people, so I signed up to be a volunteer this year and it’s been the most amazing experience I could ever ask for. I’ve been able to pour into camper’s lives and make an impact. By pouring into them we can make a difference even though what we do may seem ordinary, very extraordinary things happen here at Deer Run.

If you’re interested in attending or volunteering at a Deer Run camp, don’t hesitate to contact us at 615-794-2918 for more information.

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