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Liz Gibson explains “Why No Tech at Family Camp

“Technology is a distraction to families today and that’s one thing at Deer Run that we put aside. We asked our summer campers to do that, our summer staff, and even our staff. So when they come to Deer Run for family camp, they’re able to really focus on each other and focus on their relationships and their conversations with each other without the distractions of technology, their phones and iPads and everything getting in their way. So we’re hoping they’re gonna put away all of the technology stuff and really just have fun by playing games together, doing some outdoor recreation, and family challenges and we’ll have some sessions where the kids will have time with summer staff and the parents will have time alone with each other to have married couples sessions. So it’s just a great week to take yourself away from what’s going on in the world and really focus on your family relationships.”

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