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at Deer Run Camps & Retreats

Plan A Family Trip To The Lake

Day Or Weekend Passes Available

When your group leader provides the goals or emphasis for your retreat, your experience will be customized to help meet the needs of your group.

Trained and experienced Deer Run facilitators lead your group to focus on accomplishing specific tasks through cooperation, teamwork, goal setting, communication, and creative strategy. Scriptural truths can be applied to each initiative within the challenge. Your group will establish new relationships and improve already existing ones.

Deer Run Retreat’s courses are built to ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology) standards. Challenge course initiatives (ground level team building activities), a high-challenge ropes course, and the Preds Zone obstacle course (for younger guests) are available.

Water Slide

The 3-acre spring-fed lake includes swimming, zip line, 100-ft Wet Willie water slide, aqua park, canoes, kayaks, Corcl boats and a large pavilion overlooking the sand beach and waterfront.

Lake Safety: Every guest, at any swimming level, is required to wear a life jacket at all times for lake activities. Note: beach towels are not provided.



45-ft climbing tower with easy and advanced routes plus an interior bouldering cave.

More Fishing

Climb the challenging 33-ft pole, balance yourself on the small platform at the top, then take the Leap of Faith by jumping into the air and floating safely to the ground.


Wooded course with natural bunkers and hideouts. Session includes instruction from the paintball facilitator, equipment rental and 100 rounds of paint. Chest protectors/vests are available to rent on site. Extra paint is available for purchase on site.

This activity is for ages 9 and up.


Test your skills at this covered range located by the creek.

Wildlife and Nature Trails

After your group pulls you 50 feet upward, release your own rip cord — if you dare — and fly high above the game field.

This activity is for 3rd grade & up.

Participants must weigh no more than 275 lbs.


Deer Run’s Pedal Karts are an unforgettable experience of pedal-powered fun for riders of all ages. The paved track has plenty of curves and room to pass providing a thrilling and safe recreation adventure, fun competition and good stories afterwards.

Enjoy Nature

Six progressive zip lines which begin with a gentle flight across the forest floor! Imagine being a red-tailed hawk swooping through the forest in search of your prey! With each pass through the trees, your pace gradually quickens and your elevation rises as your search intensifies back and forth through the dense forest!

Eventually, your quest leads you to a higher perch with an expansive view of the valley below! As you take flight on the 800-ft zip line from your lofty perch, the panoramic view and the wind in your face are breathtaking!!! You gently glide to a smooth landing just above the creek before making your ascent to your lofty perch hidden high in the towering treetops!

From there you make your final descent through the forest canopy 800 feet back across the creek in the valley below before gently landing at your hilltop destination! Zip Line packages are available for 2, 4 or all 6 zip lines!

This activity is for 3rd grade & up. 

Participants must weigh at least 60 pounds and no more than 250 pounds.


Deer Run’s Archery Tag is an unforgettable experience of action-packed fun on the grassy recreation field. It is a multi-player activity similar to paintball or dodge ball using bows and soft-tipped arrows.

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