Guided Recreation: What to Wear & Bring

Everyone should arrive on time and stay the entire scheduled time in order for your group to get the most out of the experience.

Requirements for…

Aerial Quest: min age 7; max weight 250 lbs
Aerial Quest Quick Flight:
min weight 50 lbs; max weight 275 lbs
Archery Tag
Climbing Tower
Giant Swing:
max weight 275 lbs
Leap of Faith
Noah’s Park Climbing Wall:
min weight 22 lbs; max weight 309 lbs
Pedal Karts
Obstacle Course
Challenge Course
Zip Line Adventures:
min weight 60 lbs; max weight 250 lbs

  • sturdy closed toe shoes such as hiking boots or athletic shoes; NO open toe shoes, sandals or flip flops
  • loose-fitting pants or modest-length shorts
  • insect repellent, sunscreen & rain gear (depending on weather and time of year)
Paintball (wooded course) 

**There is a short, strenuous uphill hike to the course.

  • Required: sturdy shoes such as hiking boots or athletic shoes; NO open toe shoes, sandals or flip flops
  • long sleeve shirt or a jacket and long pants
  • gloves
  • insect repellent (highly recommended because of the woods)
  • rain gear (depending on weather and time of year)

Spring Valley Lake & Wellspring Lake

Safety rules are posted at the lake and MUST be observed at all times. Walking on the docks, wading or swimming in the lake are not allowed without a lifeguard present.

Required: Deer Run provides lifejackets for participants ages 4 and up.

Life jackets are REQUIRED to be worn by EACH lake participant — regardless of swimming ability — for ALL lake activities including boats and canoeing. Bank fishing does not require a lifejacket.

The Wet Willie Waterslide at Spring Valley Lake has a 250 lb weight limit.

Because the waterslide is made of a vinyl coated polyester fabric, swimsuits cannot have metal or plastic zippers, grommets or metal of any kind since these damage the slide. Guests with these items on their swimsuit will not be allowed to go down the slide. No exceptions.

What to Bring

  • females MUST wear a modest 1-piece swimsuit or tankini, or wear a dark t-shirt over 2-piece swimsuits
  • beach towel, sunscreen, and waterproof shoes
  • a certified life jacket for children age 3 and under
Archery & BB Range
  • insect repellent 
What NOT To Wear 
  • sleeveless shirts, spaghetti strap tops or tank tops
  • tight-fitting clothes or short shorts
  • clothing with offensive language or promoting persons, bands or products which are offensive
  • jewelry
Silence Cell Phones

Do not allow calls or notifications to interfere with your or another person’s experience!

Inclement Weather

DEER RUN STAFF HAS YOUR GROUP’S SAFETY IN MIND. Normally, all scheduled recreation takes place regardless of weather conditions. In case of heavy rains or thunderstorms, our staff may need to make adjustments to the schedule or facility to accomplish scheduled activities.