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We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to attend Deer Run camps and family weekend events. Therefore, our MISSION 42:1 is a scholarship program that offers assistance to campers and families who have financial, physical, or emotional needs.

To be considered for a scholarship, click on the link below to submit an application. Income and expense records plus current income tax information is required to process your application.

  1. Summer camp applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee January 1 through July 15. Award letters of approval go out beginning the first week of March.
  2. Family event applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee beginning two months prior to the event.
2020 Summer Camp Applications will be accepted BEGINNING January 1, 2020.


Does the scholarship cover ALL costs?

No. Scholarships are given based on individual need. Any portion of a registration fee which is not covered by the scholarship must be paid by the applicant. Additionally, all campers are required to pay a camp deposit. Occasionally, full scholarships are given in cases of extreme hardship and no deposit is required.

How are scholarships funded?

Scholarships are made possible through direct donations from individuals and organizations and through Deer Run fundraising. Scholarship funds do not come from fees charged to our campers or retreat guests.

Who is eligible?

All prospective campers or event attendees in financial, spiritual and emotional need are eligible to apply. Campers or families who have not been given a scholarship to Deer Run or attended Deer Run previously will be considered FIRST; however, applicants who have received assistance in the past may also be eligible for scholarships. The scholarship program is not available for groups or churches.

Am I guaranteed to receive a scholarship?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee every request will be granted. Applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee and awards are made based on financial, spiritual and emotional need.

Is filling out the application registering my child for camp or our family for an event?

No. Once we contact you to offer the scholarship award and you accept the award, you must then go to our online registration and register for camp or for an event. Your space will not be held until the amount you owe is received by our office.

Will I get the camp week I want?

Unfortunately, there are limited spaces available for scholarship recipients, and we cannot accommodate preferences for a specific week of summer camp. Deer Run determines the week your camper may attend based on availability. If you are already registered for a specific week of camp, any scholarship award may not apply towards that registration.

When are scholarship applications due?

Scholarships are awarded on a first-come basis, so we encourage you to apply early. Summer camp applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee January 1 through July 15. Award letters of approval go out beginning the first week of March.


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